With good SEO you will stand out from competition and easily attain more customers and tap into the
ever growing market.
So what is SEO you may ask?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of maximizing visitors to a site by ensuring that it
appears high on a list search results from a search engine.
We at Neat Web Stuff are well versed and experienced in modern SEO practice utilizing highly-specific
low-competition keywords, long-tail keywords and other modern practices to drive the most traffic to
your website.

When you start a search on the internet you begin a hunt. That hunt is for information, and if what you
are searching for doesn’t have solid SEO construction you will not find it. This process is crucial to
connect with your customers as the web is an ocean that keeps getting deeper. Without good SEO your
product or website can easily become buried and difficult to find. When you are a new and upcoming
business you are already at a disadvantage but Neat Web Stuff is here to help you grow and find your
customer base!

93% of all sessions online begin with a search engine. (citation needed)
81% of people perform some form of online research before making a large purchase (citation needed)
As of 2018 69% of Americans said they have shopped online. (Citation Link[https://www.npr.org/about-
npr/617470695/npr-marist-poll-amazon-is-a-colossus-in-a-nation-of-shoppers) This is projected to only
57% of B2B marketing experts stated that SEO generates more leads than other marketing and sales
initiatives. (Citation needed)